10 Products Mistakes that kills Dropshipping Stores


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10 Products Mistakes that kills dropshipping and eCommerce business

The root of success is very difficult especially when someone doesn’t have who to point you in the right direction. Dropshipping might be frustrating and time waster when you don’t know what to do and how to do it. You have a mentor or you watch a video online. and people are showing proof of sales and you are following the exact step but you are not getting any results.
It will be like the world is coming to an end
When you see your ads spending increases and traffic is going down. or there’s traffic but no or low conversion.
Everybody makes mistakes and learns from the past. Today will talk about 10 Product Mistakes that Kill dropshipping stores

1: Trade-marked products:

How on earth will you even do that? Does it make sense to sell what you don’t have? oh, come man put yourself in the shoe after building a well-recognized company. and someone from nowhere come and start selling what you have suffered for, it doesn’t speak well.

I won’t tell anyone to do such. If you have been doing this before now is better you desist from it. Many companies have been penalized for this.

Besides, you can’t even get the exact match of the products, meaning your return and charge-back will be high, and if care is not taking you will be reported.
That being said, the number of damages you will owe will not be based on what you did alone. The law firm might get you arrested Yet, there’s a company that can help you get a trademark license. Check here for more information

2) Using Aliexpress Description for Dropshipping Business:

Avoid using Ali express title and description of your store. The title is just too long and the description is as descriptive as it ought to be. You need to craft your title and description so your audience will know exactly what you are talking about. the purpose of the products, features and the benefit.

Don’t just import a product from Aliexpress along with the long title and description. In fact, at times you need to change the product image because most of the time there’s Chinese language or brand writing on the product image. You will want to avoid it if you want to grow your dropshipping store and make a profit.
Take for example

Take out the brand name and long title

Aliexpress Dropshipping long title

Need help on how dropshipping description should be:

Visit our experts on www.shopifywebsitebuilder.com

3) Product research

Most drop shippers don’t do this at all. For you to remain in the market you need to sell what is relevant, what people want, not just what you like or what you think that it will sell.
You must conduct proper product research on what to sell at the Shopify website builder. We have a department that specializes in this, you can as well choose one of the apps out there on Shopify to do this for you.

Picking a product to sell online must meet up certain criteria before you can sell it. unless if you want to sell it for yourself.
Stay tuned to this blog as we will reveal the secret on how to pick a successful winning product to sell online.

NOT all products on Amazon or Ebay will sell. Despite the fact, they are the best largest online store in the United stated as it stated here
How much more of you that are starting up. Do not fill your stores with thousands of products. You need to pick the best converting product and import it to your store.

4) Testing a product:

We all know that all these online products might not be as real as it seems to be. They are some products you need to test before putting it in your store. You can join our facebook group they are some people in the group that are from china and have instant access to this product than you do.
They will help you to test the products and give you the best review of it.

As always, if you have questions, doubts, or queries, we’re here to help. No matter how small your issue is, visit our experts on www.shopifywebsitebuilder.com and an expert from our support team will reach out to help.
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